DiskBox LC (Version 2)

The DiskBox LC is a Macintosh LC put into a 3.5" floppy disk box. It is rev 2 because I rebuilt the original, making a better support for the motherboard and the two apples.
It features the following:

  • 16 Mhz MC68020 Processor
  • 4 Mb RAM
  • 40 Mb HDD
  • Internal speaker
  • System 7.0
  • Translucent cover
  • No floppy disk

DiskBox LC - Front View

If you look at it from the front, you'll see a lock that allows easy access to the inside of the computer for changing anything.

DiskBox LC - Opened

Inside the computer, you can see the power supply, the hard disk, the speaker and the cables (sorry for the bad quality)

DiskBox LC - Ports

All the original LC's ports are at one side, the ugly holes covered by a nice sticker, that labels what port is.

DiskBox LC - Back

And at the back there's the power plug and switch. I had to change the switch because the original one didn't work anymore.

Here are some more pictures:
DiskBox LC - Front2
DiskBox LC - Inside1
DiskBox LC - Inside2

Sorry if I have posted too many pictures Laughing out loud

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westieg3's picture

thats so small

how big is the motherboard? that thing looks tiny for when it was made...it looks tiny now. thats really cool.