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[*] ARA script for direct serial links

Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1993 18:16:15 +0400
Organization: STALKER GmbH

The ARA script for Direct Connection
(i.e. for a direct serial link or
for other links with PortConnector(tm) installed)

The "phone number" parameter is used to set the desired...

Termulator - a mac terminal emulator

Path: /www/exparrot/


TextTerm+Graphics is a VT100 and Tektronix terminal emulator and
supports Apple's Communication Toolbox tools for modem, serial, and
internet connections. Full documentation is included along with
pointers to compativle toolbox tools.

Path: /www/...


Problem: You remember a word, phrase or image title from a web page - but you've forgotten where you saw it - and you don't want to wade through 'History' or Google to find it!

Solution: Memento!

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