Internet & Telecommunications

Intellinews 2.0

Real Name: IntelliNews
Size: 1262343 bytes
Encoding: BinHex
Release Date: 05-January-2000
Requirements: PowerPC Processor or better, MacOS 8.0 or better, including
MacOS 9, Ope...

OTTool F1.1 - French Version

OTTool is a free utility which provides a synopsis of the AppleTalk and IP
configuration parameters within Apple Computer's Open Transport networking
architecture. In addition, OTTool allows users on IP networks to make
Domain Name Server (DNS) quer...

Freddie 1.2.5

Date: Wed, 10 Feb 93 15:42:41 -0500

Freddie 1.2.5

Freddie lets users download their mail in a "packet" from BBS's
that offer a QWK door. Using Freddie, users can read and respond
to their mail offline at their leisure, and then send those
replies ...


Problem: You remember a word, phrase or image title from a web page - but you've forgotten where you saw it - and you don't want to wade through 'History' or Google to find it!

Solution: Memento!

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