Internet & Telecommunications

Info-Mac Browser 1.0

Info-Mac Browser is a custom FTP client designed just for Info-Mac!
Simply launch the application, select a mirror, and connect.
Double-click a folder to open it or a file to download it. File names
are extracted from the subject lines of abstract...

Mocha Mac TN5250

Mocha Mac TN5250 - is a Power Macintosh Application. It makes it possible to connect to an AS-400 host via TCP/IP with the TN5250 protocol and emulate a 5250 Information Display Station. Mocha Mac TN5250 is a Power Macintosh System 7/8-only applicati...

Intellinews 2.0

Real Name: IntelliNews
Size: 1262343 bytes
Encoding: BinHex
Release Date: 05-January-2000
Requirements: PowerPC Processor or better, MacOS 8.0 or better, including
MacOS 9, Ope...


Problem: You remember a word, phrase or image title from a web page - but you've forgotten where you saw it - and you don't want to wade through 'History' or Google to find it!

Solution: Memento!

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