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Info-Mac bookmarks for TurboGopher

Attached is a set of Info-Mac bookmarks for TurboGopher 2.0. The set that
is already on the archives doesn't seem to work anymore, so I made my own.

Paul Woodford

Path: /www/exparrot/

Freddie 1.2.5

Date: Wed, 10 Feb 93 15:42:41 -0500

Freddie 1.2.5

Freddie lets users download their mail in a "packet" from BBS's
that offer a QWK door. Using Freddie, users can read and respond
to their mail offline at their leisure, and then send those
replies ...


Problem: You remember a word, phrase or image title from a web page - but you've forgotten where you saw it - and you don't want to wade through 'History' or Google to find it!

Solution: Memento!

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