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Freddie 1.2.5

Date: Wed, 10 Feb 93 15:42:41 -0500

Freddie 1.2.5

Freddie lets users download their mail in a "packet" from BBS's
that offer a QWK door. Using Freddie, users can read and respond
to their mail offline at their leisure, and then send those
replies ...

hermes-ii-3am-blackjack-10.sit.hqx [part 1 of 1]

From " (Michael Krause)" Sun Mar 6 23:14:28 1994
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 94 01:56:42 -0500

This goes in the comm directories of FTP sites.

To FTP site moderators: Please make a 'hermes-bbs' directory in the comm


Date: Sat, 21 May 94 14:00 EDT

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

This is a new version of Ballot Box, a great voting external for
Hermes II BBS external systems. Bug fixes and better dumps of
poll ...


Problem: You remember a word, phrase or image title from a web page - but you've forgotten where you saw it - and you don't want to wade through 'History' or Google to find it!

Solution: Memento!

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