DreamScope v2.0 for Macintosh PPC

DreamScope brings an endless variety of soothing kaleidoscope images to
your display. Patterns change and evolve for a wild, but relaxing
experience. New kaleidoscopes grow out of old ones in various creative
colors and patterns...

System Requiremen...

epsConverter 1.4.1

About epsConverter(tm)

epsConverter is an award-winning Macintosh application from Art Age
Software. epsConverter can read any portable Level 1 EPS file and convert it
into an Adobe Illustrator file, suitable for editing with Adobe Illustrator,

HyperKeyboard 5.5

HyperKeyboard 5.5

What it is: HyperCard Melody Scripting Tool
Author: Ton Brand
Company: Ton's Software
License: Shareware US$6
Computer: Any Mac
Mac OS: 7.0 or later
Required: HyperCard Player 2.2 or later
HyperKeyboard is a Hyp...

iPiano201.dmg.gz Abstract

application: iPiano 2.0.1
file: iPiano201.dmg.gz
requirements: Mac OS 10.2.4 or later
category: music/audio

iPiano is a versatile music application for Mac OS X.

WIth iPiano your computer keyboard becomes a musical controller
triggering sounds from...

gst/snd - irecordmusic18.dmg



Bitcartel announces iRecordMusic 1.2, an update to, and a new name for
RAW 1.1. This update brings advanced iCal scheduling, iTunes playlist
and tagging support, and important bug fixes. Registered users upgrade


An application for compressing images for web/archiving use. It also makes

Path: /www/exparrot/


ColorServe allows you to quickly choose colors for your web pages using
several different methods. You can choose colors using a colorwheel, rgb
sliders, the Mac OS color selector, or by grabbing a color from anywhere
on your screen. You can vie...

SimpleImage 3.0.1

SimpleImage is a simple but powerful image- and movie-viewing
application that lets you view all the most popular image and movie
formats, like JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, TIFF, PICT, PNG, MPEG, AVI and
more in a single, sleek application.

With Simp...



Shareware US$20
(Upgrade from RGB Calculator III: US$10)

* Eyedrop (SAMPLE) any screen color, or create, compare and adjust/mix
any two colors.
* Clip HEX/DEC/WEB/% values or color swatches and paste them into your

SimpleSlide 1.5 (update to the slideshow viewer)

SimpleSlide is a slideshow viewer. It does slideshows. That

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