HyperKeyboard 5.5

HyperKeyboard 5.5

What it is: HyperCard Melody Scripting Tool
Author: Ton Brand
Company: Ton's Software
License: Shareware US$6
Computer: Any Mac
Mac OS: 7.0 or later
Required: HyperCard Player 2.2 or later
HyperKeyboard is a Hyp...

iPiano201.dmg.gz Abstract

application: iPiano 2.0.1
file: iPiano201.dmg.gz
requirements: Mac OS 10.2.4 or later
category: music/audio

iPiano is a versatile music application for Mac OS X.

WIth iPiano your computer keyboard becomes a musical controller
triggering sounds from...

gst/snd - irecordmusic18.dmg



Bitcartel announces iRecordMusic 1.2, an update to, and a new name for
RAW 1.1. This update brings advanced iCal scheduling, iTunes playlist
and tagging support, and important bug fixes. Registered users upgrade


ColorServe allows you to quickly choose colors for your web pages using
several different methods. You can choose colors using a colorwheel, rgb
sliders, the Mac OS color selector, or by grabbing a color from anywhere
on your screen. You can vie...

SimpleImage 3.0.1

SimpleImage is a simple but powerful image- and movie-viewing
application that lets you view all the most popular image and movie
formats, like JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, TIFF, PICT, PNG, MPEG, AVI and
more in a single, sleek application.

With Simp...



Shareware US$20
(Upgrade from RGB Calculator III: US$10)

* Eyedrop (SAMPLE) any screen color, or create, compare and adjust/mix
any two colors.
* Clip HEX/DEC/WEB/% values or color swatches and paste them into your

SimpleSlide 1.5 (update to the slideshow viewer)

SimpleSlide is a slideshow viewer. It does slideshows. That

Shadow Maker 1.1.0

Shadow Maker is a simple utility for placing shadow effects on pictures.
You take a large base image and place a smaller floating image above
that. You can then change the placing of the shadow on the base image;
as well as changing the shadow's dark...

ShareDraw 2.02

ShareDraw is a full feature drawing application for the MacOS distributed
using the shareware system. It isn't crippled or limited in anyway - you
can try all its features without spending any money up front. All we ask is
that if you find it usefu...

Abstract for Fretboard Warrior

Fretboard warrior 1.0

Fretboard Warrior is a free utility designed to help guitar student to
memorize the fretboard.

The rules are simple, click the note that corresponds to the blue dot on the
fretboard. The bottom string corresponds to the 6th st...

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