A Smaller GIF PPC 1.2.2J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the A Smaller GIF PPC package.

A Japanese Windows OS version is also available from:

A Smaller GIF is a program for reducing the size of animated GIFs
without affecting their appearance in a...

Audiocorder 1.9.8

Audiocorder is a program which allows your Mac to act as volume operated
(VOX) audio recorder. It allows you to set the volume that the sound must
reach to begin recording, and the volume at which it should end recording.
It also allows you to set...

DX7 Librarian v1.2.7

[DX7 Librarian v1.2.7]

DX7 Librarian is an application for the Macintosh which allows you
to make up library of voice data for DX7. One window has one voice
data, and you can open windows as many as you want.
When this application receives bulk...

ActionToolbox 1.3

ActionToolbox 1.3 - Automation plugin for Photoshop developers - Freeware

"ActionToolbox" is a free, developer-oriented, persistent automation
plug-in for Photoshop under Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X, written with MPW and the
Photoshop 6.0 SDK.


Render-Boy v2.3.0 PPC Application

Render-Boy is an integrated solids based 3D modeler and photo-realistic
"ray-tracing" renderer for MacOS computers. What does that mean? Well, using
Render-Boy's simple graphic user interface, you can create 3D designs in a
truly what-you-see-is-w...

Archer 2.0.0

Eridanus has released Archer 2.0.0. New in this release are commands to
delete the displayed image from the hard drive, remove the displayed
image from the slide show, and augmented navigation commands for
international users. All commands carr...

Argybee Submission

Arybee 1.0.1

Argybee is a simple, freeware, RGB colour-Hex calculator.

This application is a very simple program to allow software (and web)
developers to calculate a hexadecimal representation of an RGB colour.

In addition the value of th...

cue import 3.0

cue import 3.0

RealView 2.6.6 (PPC)

RealView 2.6.6 abstract (Release date July 6, 1999)New in version
2.6.6:* Drag and Drop support for text and picture clippings as well as
files.* Printer driver dependency removed.* Improved support for Pict2
files.* Numerous bug fixes.General Descri...

3D Maker

3D Maker allows you to apply various 3D filters to a picture. These
filters include an emboss filter and a 3D glasses filter. 3D Maker offers
support for Navigational Services.

Please feel free to include this game on any CD.

Path: /www/exparro...

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