ConvertMachine 1.0.2v1J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the ConvertMachine package.

ConvertMachine is a batch processing utility to convert sound format
files to a desired type. This means it performs one or more of the
following without user interaction: decompression, r...

Rainbow Painter 1.9.1


Improved image editing features:
*The PICT loading is now up to 20%
*Misc. other optimizations.

Other changes:
*All references to Addiction Interactive have been
replaced, sinceour company has changed its name to No...


Abstracts from files in info-mac/gst/grf as of Sun 20 Mar 2005

for your art/grf directory:

vector clip art, created in adobe ilustrator v. 8, saved as eps. this image
is of 3 people "networked" together, one of many that i will send here. us...

BarFly v 1.0

BarFly is an abc music processor. abc is a music description language which
was invented by Chris Walshaw, and originally used for folk music, but has
now developed to the point where it can be used for any music.

BarFly is a text processor which c...

QXP Delivery 1.2.1

QXP Delivery is a utility that lets you collect the fonts and images of any
given document created by QuarkXPress, ready for delivery to a output
bureau, or prepress house. Delivery can also include fonts and images which
are embedded into EPS files,...

QXP PhotoBook 3.0.3

QXP PhotoBook is a stand-alone utility which aids QuarkXPress users to
compile catalogs of images very quickly with a minimum of setup and user
interaction. Catalogs are saved as QuarkXPress documents, with an option to
then save as Acrobat PDF files...


QuickDraw3DViewer is a tool to show, convert, and printout your 3DMF
files. Two modes ( Text and Binary ) and three types ( Normal, Stream,
and Database ) are supported. QuickDraw3DViewer can also save objects as
a plain text so that we can analyze ...

QPict 4.0.1 68K

QPict is a powerful and easy to use Multimedia browser/viewer for Mac OS.
With QPict you can easily view and organize all your Multimedia files
including all common images, movie clips, fonts, VR, 3D and many other media
types. With QPict you can cre...

PSI CaptionEZ-JPEG File Info/IPC Editor

CaptionEZ is a drag and drop JPEG file IPTC/FileInfo editor, cross-platform
compatible with Adobe Photoshop and any application that manages
IPTC/FileInfo similarly to Photoshop. CaptionEZ also can print a proof of
the image along with certain associ...

Audiodia 1.0.3 for Mac OS X [audiodia-103.hqx]

Audiodia 1.0.3 for Mac OS X
Description: Real-time sound processing application
Audiodia is a real-time sound processing application. Simply turn on
your microphone and your speakers, select the desired audio filter and
press Play. Audiod...

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