Crypto 1.0

Abstracts from files in info-mac/nwt/game as of Sun 20 Mar 2005

Crypto 1.0

Crypto supports solving crypotgram, code, cipher (single character
substitution) puzzles, like those in newspapers. Create puzzles in Crypto,
Notes, or Newtworks, or cop...

File-Identifiers 970826

File-Identifiers (FIID) are very small files that help you identify some of
those unknown files you have on your harddisk.

File-Identifiers 970826.sit

contains both new and old FIIDs and should replace


Greetings f...


OS 8 Desktop Picture Cycle 1.0 - OS8 is out and it finally incorporates a desktop
picture. Yay! But it doesn't change it automatically. So I wrote a little very
simple AppleScript App that cycles through the pictures/aliases in a designated
folder ev...

ICMP Logger

ICMP Logger 1.0.1
Copyright John Bafford, 1996-1997

ICMP Logger records a log of any TCP/IP ICMP packets (pings) that are sent
to the computer it's running on. Perfect for network administrators and
anyone who thinks they might be pingflooded.


Clp Convert 1.0

Clp Convert 1.0
By Mike Tilstra
& TaDPoL Tech

This application converts both picture and text clipping files to text files and
picture files. The reason for making this is so you can edit and modify the
contents of clipping files. You then use thi...


Offline Reader.

Offline is a reading program for downloaded Usenet News, email and other
text. Internet subscribers who connect over dial-up lines (particularly
with ISPs who charge according to connect time) often find it more useful
to download n...

Heroes of the Black Tower - a game scenario for Sword Dream 3D

The attached file contains Heroes of the Black Tower - a game scenario for
Sword Dream 3D version 2.1.

This is version 1.0.1 of the game scenario. It fixes a small bug, recently
discovered by a player, where the game would stop and complain about a

NamePrinter 1.4

NamePrinter is a Newton package that creates an address book listing or
address labels from your Names soup. Output can be formatted in 1, 2, or 3
columns using a choice of several fonts and font sizes. Margins are
adjustable. NamePrinter can prin...


It changes the standard watch to a color spinning BeachBall.



Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/cfg/color-cursor-spin.hqx

DivideBy 4.3

DivideBy 4.3 takes the selected picture box of an open Quark Document
and uses its coordinates to lay down guides that divide the area into
equal columns or rows - w/ or w/out gutters.Set Columns creates master
column settings directly in the open Qu...

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