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Installing WordPress on Snow Leopard

A complete guide to turning your regular Mac running Snow Leopard into a Web server hosting WordPress.

The Bit Bucket

The rugged, waterproof, stackable and inexpensive way to rack up 6U of network equipment.

Review: Hakko FX-901 Cordless Soldering Iron

Dr. Webster puts another cordless iron to the test -- and likes what he sees.

WANG Computer

WANG Mainframe - 9
This historical curiosity I picked up at a school. I'm not entirely sure what it does or how it does it.

The Luggage

An innovative attempt at building an Amiga laptop.

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Review: Nerds 2.0.1

Like "Where Wizards Stay Up Late", "Nerds 2.0.1" attempted to state a history of the internet. It was filled with interviews, information, and stories. As a referance source its not the best because it goes off on multiple tangents, making little to no effort (in my opinion) to keep the story continuous.

Where Wizards Stay Up Late

Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet
Authored by Katie Hafner And Matthew Lyon

Reviewed by Robert Warwick

These days we take networks for granted. Who needs to transfer files via disk when a quick Appletalk connection will do the job? All machines can talk to each other. The Internet is there and works quickly, reliably, and is easy to hook up to.

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