Color OneScanner Software

I got a new Color OneScanner 1200/30 from my school, and after about an hour of Googling, I installed the Scanner 4.x driver and the AppleScan chooser extension. I also put the ColorOne plugin into PhotoShop 5.5, but with no luck. I need to know where I can get drivers for this thing (if someone has the software that came with the thing, I'd love a copy) and I need to know what software I should look for to get this thing to work. Looks like I'll need to find myold copy of Ofoto 3.1.


New topics/posts notification troubles.

So far Drupal only shows me a "new" under the topics column when there is a new topic ina particular fora section. It never shows me if there are any new posts. Is this a bug or a feature, or a set


Safari Down Button Problem

For some reason lately, I've been getting unexpected quits from Safari when I press the down key. Ever since I spilt pop on my scroll button mouse Blush , I have to use the down button to scroll. Is this a known bug, or a problem with my setup.



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