Personal Mac Desires

For the 6500:
-OrangePC DOS Compatibility PCI card (620,530) somthing better than a 486 not necessarily an OrangePC but they seem to be the most available.
-SonnetTech TempoTrio (but who wouldn't want a USB/FW/ATA combo card).


WTB/WTT G3 PowerBook or better

I need a PowerBook that will run OS X, preferably Panther, with decent speed. I don't have a lot to spend but I wouldn't mind a "handyman's special" where I have to do a little work to get it going. I'd prefer a Dual USB iBook but I'll take pretty much anything if the price is right.


Posting from -1 degrees on my sissys iBook on wifi at the CMU Surplus sale awaiting entrance for 5 dollar macs

Well here i am, its 6:54 EST, Im the first one in line to the greatest mac sale ever. its -1 and im sitting on a chair awaiting 5 dollar g3 systems. Im crazy. Been out here since 5 am and the sale dont start till noon


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