More Tungsten Q's

Well... here goes...

1. Is there really no Snood that works with the T | E, or OS 5?

2. Is there really a problem with the E and >64 MB MMC cards? I have a 64MB card in there, but would like to upgrade to a 128 soon, and I've heard some rumours that it won't work.

Wallstreet Brainstorm

My PowerBook G3 Wallstreet is fally-aparty (battery charge card is dead, onboard ethernet is shot), but I just keep it plugged in and I have a PC Card Ethernet thing for it. Anyways, it's just sitting here hooked up to a 16" screen, doing naught but running SETI. It has a DVD drive, but no decoder card, so the idea of it becoming a home entertainment thing isn't really much of an option. It was my Mp3 machine until I got my iPod. I'm running out of ideas!

Airburst Updated

The update for Airburst to 1.054 is now available at the redone Strange Flavour site. This version fixes the notorious crash on exit bug for Panther users. The Airburst Network beta is still on V1.053


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