Glass Bottom Web Page!

Well this is a project I want to try and accomplish...To bouild a "Glass Bottom" web page.

It is as it sounds, hopefully! A sript (possibly an applet) will take a sreen-shot of the users desktop, and save it as a file on my server (not that I have my own yet!), and then display the image in a little "door in the center of the page.

Free Web Hosting

Does anyone know of any free web hosting sites.

Not ones that offer you sub-domains, but ones that will host your site, with your url as your existing DOMAIN name.


Newton 130 as a remote control.

I really would like to use my newton 130 as a remote control for my tv/dvd player/amp/etc.

Is it feasible, possible? I used google, but the hits were kinda complicated like detailed programming instrucitons how to control the irda on it.


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