Applefritter recently purchased several computers from the Colby Estate. The remainder are going to auction. The second WalkMac is now on eBay.


The Title Field Puzzle

We're having a heck of a time getting this style sheet formatting right.

Here's the original style sheet that came with Drupal. When we use it the "Title" field in Nodes becomes large and the "Submitted By" line becomes small. Just like on the Drupal site.


?q= needs removed from banner module

See the source in the above link.

The "?q=" doesn't belong, but I can't figure out where I take it out.

Banner has a patch to, running it gave an error.

second photo gallery

The current photo gallery is being used as the back-end for all image uploads. Uploading images to these galleries must not require administrator approval (and they currently don't), because the users need to see the images to work on their stories (which do require administrator approval). These images should also not show up in any public news or tracking pages.


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