"The Sand PebbleBook"

OK , this one is . . .

*** see footnote for backgroundbs(tm)

Nah! the punchline is too good . . . SUFFER! :ebc:

*** . . . already partially completed by its previous owner, I bought it from a writer, he'd billed it as a (caution hyperbole ahead =8-} . . .to follow?) shiny , like new, well loved, one owner . . . yadda yadda . . . 1400cs/133 he'd like to place in a good home. When I went downtown to pick it up, I took a quick look, figured it had been well used, but well cared for and all that greasy oil buildup from his hands would clean up nicely. He'd have his greenbacks and my promise upgrade/not eviscerate his baby and I'd have a cherry chassis for a166MHz goodie-swap with Beater . . . besides I REALLY wanted that CD/Door and all the lovely 64MB of Maxed Out Memory Module Goodness lurking under the surface!

Mac Classic Web Server

I am starting a mac classic web server, I need help configuring macTCP to work with my router and ip stuff.

I have a mac classic with system 7, a belkin gateway router, a network 10/100 switch, and my classic is using a sonic scsi to ethernet adapter. I would love to have it wokring without buying a mac classic II motherbaord.

10.3 and sharing printers with windows.

I know that with 10.3 you can easily print to shared printers on windows system. But I am not finding a clear answer on this one. With 10.3 can you share a printer and have a windows client print to it. I know that some stuff can be done with cups and samba but this is for a customer that wants to be able to main it himself. So the easier the better. The printer is an epson Photo Stylus 2200 and windows drivers are avaiable for it.



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