Applefritter recently purchased several computers from the Colby Estate. The remainder are going to auction. The second WalkMac is now on eBay.


css programming

The css will need to be written to match Webster's design. I knows Smykes has been tinkering with the css sheets for a bit. Willing to continue?

overall theme/interface

We need an overall design/theme/color-system for the site - something that looks nice and not so much like the Drupal site.

Dr. Webster has an idea for a brushed metal look and will be submitting a sketch. He is not interested in doing coding.

BBCode Additions

I've been making additions to BBCode. Support has been added for header tags, pre, and tables. The autop (insert linebreaks) and texturize (special symbols) methods are run with BBCode. Initially I had them run after the BBCode filter, but that seemed to cause some problems with the center tag (and possibly others). Now they run first, which works, but is a bit gratuitous in its insertion of linebreaks.


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