Sep. 17, 1978

Stanford University. Stanford. California 94303

J.G. Jackson - C.J. Wood
Professor of Phyiscs
(415) 407-4358

September 14, 1978

Mr. J. Torzewski
51625 Chestnut Road
Granger, IN 46530

Dear Mr. Torzewski:

Since you want it, and since nobody else has the
information, we will work out instructions for expanding
the memory of the Apple I. To start, I have ordered
duplicates of the slides, and should get them in a week
or so. We will then set out to expand the memroy again
and will note what we do as we do it. If all goes well,
we will have something to send you in a couple of weeks.

Our Apple I belongs to the University and it is
impractical to sell it now. There would be a lot of red
tape, and I would have no say as to who they sell it to.
So it seems best to keep it and make some limited use
of it.

Yous sincerely,

Arthur L. Schawlow


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