Beige G3 Power PC

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Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio)

This was the third computer to bear the name PowerMac G4, and it certainly lived up to the title. It sported four PCI and one AGP 4x slots, as well as dual USB and FireWire. Between 466 and 733 MHz an

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PowerMac 9500/200

What can I say? This is my third mac, but its the first thats been around long enough (and was capable enough) for me to tinker with. Since I bought it last year, I've added another 128mb ram (totaling 256), a small storage drive from a performa 550, and a 4x SCSI CD RW. Future plans may involve a CPU upgrade, adding an ATA, USB, and possibly a firewire controller. Its main drive at the moment is a 2gb scsi, but once I get the ATA controller in I will upgrade it to something larger.

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