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'Mystic Options' - using Mac OS with LC575-powered CCs










In short:

System 7.1 needs system enabler 065 ver 1.1, or the 'logic board mod' together with any version of the enabler.

System 7.5 works fine at 640 x 480, but needs the 'logic board mod' to work at 512 x 384.

IMHO, the screen upgrade is well worth the effort, and 7.5 runs fine on the 575's 68LC040 - as does 8.1.

You can't simply put an LC575 logic board in a CC chassis and expect System 7.1 to run automatically. It won't! As the CCSCC 'Color Classic Upgrade' site explains:

"If you want to use MYSTIC on System 7, you need system enabler 065 ver. 1.1. System enabler 065 ver.1.1 cannot be found at any Apple ftp site. If you need system enabler 065 ver. 1.1, please buy a LC575. But some LC575 contain ver 1.0 or ver 1.2. These can't boot MYSTIC."

There are two solutions to this problem:

There is a 'patch' to generate, effectively, system enabler 065 ver. 1.1 at http://homepage2.nifty.com/Kan-chan/065patch.html

Alternatively, at the software section www.mac512.com (an excellent site), you can order a copy on floppy of the required system enabler.

On the other hand, "If you want to use MYSTIC on System7.5, you need to do the 640 x 480 VGA screen upgrade." Actually, this isn't quite true, for in the FAQ section of the same site we read (text edited slightly for clarity):

[Q] I am going to purchase an LC575 logic board to upgrade my Color Classic, but I really like System 7.5.5, I don't want to go back to 7.1, and I don't want to do the screen upgrade to 640 x 480.

[A] If you can use solder iron and paste, there is a good way.

On the bottom side of the LC575 logic board, remove the very small 0 ohm resistor located at R116 (left side of RP9).

Next, solder a 4.7k-ohm resistor on location number R109 (near the R116). 4.7k-ohm resister is showing "472". It means 47 x 10 x 10. If you can't get the resistor, you can use the 0 ohm resistor which you removed from R116.

Finally, check R110. If any resistor is at the location, please remove. If there is no resistor....it's OK.

You can use Sys7.5.x without monitor modifications and with 512x384 pixels. If you want to use with Sys7.1 with this (modified) logic board, you need system enabler 065. But you can use not only ver. 1.1 but also all version of enabler 065.

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