A2DVI: Apple II Digital Video Card

Video cards for the Apple II based on the PICO microcontroller are popular for a while now. They are cheap, consume very little power, and fit on a simple Apple II slot card. And they connect Apple IIs to modern displays. However, digital displays have conquered the world: their analog predecessors long since became retro devices themselves. Nowadays even analog VGA inputs are becoming rare. Which leads to the question: couldn't we make a PICO-based graphics card for the Apple II with a digital output instead? Use HDMI to replace the VGA connector? No more analog signal conversion required?

Spoiler: yes, we can! :)

Introducing Applefritter's Search Engine: The Wild Hunt

I've created a search engine, The Wild Hunt, with a focus on vintage computers. The crawling data is public and suggestions for improvement are welcome. The back end for the search engine is YaCy. I'm also watching the PeARS Project, which is planning a release of PeARS Federated very soon. Depending on what PeARS is like, we may try running both at the same time, or even switching to that. The engine could still use a lot of tweaking. When you notice flaws, please be sure to report them on the crawling page.

Apple Computer A Clone - running 6800 Processor

Alright, with the first 6502-based Apple computer A clone completed and running, next would be one running 6800 processor. As some of the builders requested, I will include mods for 6800-based Apple computer A clone in the assembly guideline and will share soon. The board on the top runs 6502 processor and the bottom one 6800 processor. I have 5~6 bare boards left.




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