An homage to Apple's eWorld service, accessible via Telnet and custom graphical client at



University of Misfire is a Hotline server with 2 TB of classic Mac games, accessible directly from a vintage Macintosh.


Info-Mac Archives

The Info-Mac Archives, accessible in their original form via FTP at using login guest/guest. The archive is also accessible via gopher, although it wasn't historically.

This was originally accessible via the web and ftp. We've recreated the web version at I'll add ftp access once this service is moved to the new server, and I can spare the IP address.

If you have any files that are missing from this archive, please get in touch.



If you'd like to explore the Darkweb, but feel more comfortable using an unencrypted protocol from the 90's, Darkgopher is the service for you! Accessible only via gopher at


Git Mirrors

Most vintage Apple-related projects are created by hobbyists, often without a means for the project to survive them. mirrors vintage Apple-related git repositories for the purpose of long-term preseveration.