Applefritter Talk

Applefritter Talk is bridged across IRC, Matrix, Discord, and Slack. Most of us who frequent Talk remain in the channel 24/7, but are not always active. Please be patient if you ask a question and don't get a reply right away.


IRC server:

Channel: #applefritter

It's possible to use IRC via web chat, with no account required. If you want to use via IRC regulalry, you're going to be happier in a native client like Textual.

Experimental IRC bouncer: Connect to, using your Applefritter username/password. Join #applefritter. Usernames with spaces are not supported. Admin interface:


Join Matrix works well with native clients on any modern platform and via the web. Matrix is Free software and federated. You can create an account with or any other matrix server.

Matrix can also be used as an IRC client + bouncer, if all your channels are bridged. To use your pre-existing IRC nick, enter !irc nick $nickname in Nickserv will message you over Matrix for authentication.


Join via invite link.


Join via invite link.



Bridge Quirks


  • Discord "waves" and "stickers" are not bridged. GIFs and emojis are.
  • Apostrophes are shown as their HTML code, in messages that originate from IRC. This is a documented bug in the Discord bridge.
  • Discord shows auto-embed URLs for all user mentions from other platforms. To prevent this, disable auto-embed.
  • Direct messages to non-Discord users aren't working.
  • If join/parts get annoying, you can silence them by muting fritterbot.


  • Slack users are identified in IRC as "_slack_applefri" followed by a number, rather than by their actual usernames. All other platforms show slack usernames correctly.

All platforms

  • When text is inside angle brackets < >, there are varying attempts to make it into a hyperlink.
  • Message edits and reactions are not bridged.