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eWorld puts you in touch with exciting events and services, personal computing support, leading software publishers, and people across the country who share your interest in the Macintosh.


If you are connecting to eWorld for the first time, you'll need to take a few minutes to register as a member of the eWorld community. To register toll-free, click the Download link below.


Applefritter's BBS is a homage to Apple's eWorld online service. It is designed to run on classic Macintosh computers, allowing you to connect to the internet, chat, and download files without any newer computers acting as intermediary. It also runs on Windows or Mac OS X (through Wine), but you don't get the classic eWorld experience on those platforms. On Macintosh, the BBS really feels like eWorld. It's also an easy way to download software to your Mac. The Windows and OS X versions are convenient if you want to hang out in the chat rooms.


The registration process asks for a lot of personal information. It doesn't have to be accurate.


If you're downloading directly from a classic Mac, please visit old.applefritter.com. If you'd like to try another classic Mac online service, check out Misfire.



(System 7 - Mac OS 9. Not yet tested on System 6)



(built for Windows 95/NT, tested on Windows 10. Sound is not working correctly.)


Mac OS X

(Wine Bottle. This is working for me on 10.14.6, but is not well tested. Sound is not working correctly.)


Telnet: bbs.applefritter.com

(The telnet menus are not fully configured yet, but you can mostly navigate.)


Unconfigured clients:

For unconfigured clients, set net address to bbs.applefritter.com