Apple I Replica Creation -- Acknowledgements



Much thanks goes to my parents, John and Cindy Owad, who always supported by interests but nevertheless are happy that my racks of PDP-11 equipment no longer fill their living room.

Dr. John Greco, my technical editor, has offered great guidance and been of immeasurable help in structuring and error-checking this book. Sandra Veresink deserves thanks for her editing and stylistic help. Much thanks also goes to Colin Wirth, who copy edited and designed this second edition. Without his help, I never would have gotten it done.

Vince Briel designed the Replica I circuit described in this book and has generously shared his design with us. Sarah McMenomy wrote the plot for the BASIC game in Chapter 5.

John and George Soluk at VAMP Inc. provided valuable assistance in moving our designs to McCAD EDS.

Joe Torzewski founded the Apple I Owners Club back in 1977 and kept it alive all these years. And thanks to Steve Wozniak, who started it all.

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