Please, anyone that can give me any peace of mind, share it.

She and I were going out for 4 years. She loved me, I loved her. Sometime last week, she tells me she has no intimate feelings for me at all and that she never wants to date me again. She says she's never been happier.


i am a student of 3rdyear.
i live in pakistan.
i am a good muslim.allaha is great

1st of a few updates....

Whether you guys care of not, here we go:

This is the oddest summer weather that I have ever lived through. I have lived in North Central Texas my whole life, and I can't remember a time when the average summer temperature was 85 degrees. Usually, the average for the traditional "summer months" (June, July, August) is about 97 degrees. Keep in mind, though, that "summer" here begins in late April and goes all the way to mid-October in a normal year. This year, though, we had one day that knocked on the door of the century mark, and that was in early June. Since then, we've had front after front cooling us off. There were a couple of days at the end of July and beginning of August that I woke up to 65 degrees.

So it begins

Well it is final. Kim (my girlfriend) and I are breaking up and I'm moving back home. its strange though because everything is going so well for the most part. she is taking it very well (probably because we are still going to be friends).

Itunes help

Hi everyone,
I have a user that uses Itunes with his Ipod most of the time everything works fine. Yesterday he recived an update and when he did it synced all his files to a network drive that kills my server.

Flashing Radeon 9000

I'm looking for some expert advice here. Am a newbie and hope the question isn't out of place or out of line. Picked up an Ati radeon 9000 PC ATI RV 250 chipset. Got a hold of couple of Mac 9000 roms. A 113-99703-112 Radeon 9000 Pro Mac Edition and a newer version 113-99703-127. Installed card into PC Agp slot and started on PCI card with appropriate Ati flashrom and such. Ran Flashrom -i and showed atmel M2510ST/c for chip. I think this is the 128K larger chip. Backed up original bin and flashed with older rom successfully. But when installed to mac shows up as 16 MB VRam and will only show video in 256 colors and not very good at that. In 9.22, 10.28 and 10.34. Have all the latest drivers installed. Anyone have any success with this card. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


O.k update on testing. Weird stuff happens depending on whether your reading the card with Flashrom -i or ATI Flash -i. On the my other HIS Excalibur Radeon 7000 VE, ATI flash read the rom chip as 0x2000 when in fact ATI Flash read it at 0x1000 which is what it should have been. On this card ATI ATI RV250-LE_900 R 1.00 Radeon 9000 Flashrom reads rom chip as M2510ST/c 0x2000 and ATI Flash reads it as ST M25P05 0x1000 which is what it should be. I've now flashed with smaller rom courtesy of these forums and am about to reboot to the Radeon. System profile still shows Vram as 16 MB. Can't figure that out. Wondering if i can somehow tweak the rom file with hexedit to change that. Any ideas? The other choice of course is to try to change the rom chip to a M25P10 and possibly screw the card for good or flash it back the PC rom and flip it and try to find a 8500 or 7000 card.

Try the second round G3 freeze

I drilled the holes needed to clamp the second freezer together. Try again tonight...

Made the second water chiller

Soldered some copper tube between two more cold plates. I have two heatsinks with _heat_pipe_technology_ that will interface to this new waterblock, including two more peltiers. I may need to have a

Got the g3 to go to 26.2F with the peltier

I used the peltier again with the new temp sensor. It got down to 26.2 degrees F. I used the 12v supply in the computer - need to use the big hammond transformer instead.

why am i doing this

I live an ordinary life. There are no major highs or lows in the normal course of events. I have a job. I'm not thrilled by it, but it pays (most of) the bills. I love my Probe. It's a 1989 LE, white (with rust, etc.) and it's sitting in the driveway with a broken window that will cost about $1400 (yes, one thousand four hundred dollars) to replace.

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