What goes around...

A funny computer story for those who have a lot of systems and parts pass through their homes...

I went looking for a used laser printer or toner cartridge. My Laserwriter 16/600 was having some printing problems, and occasionally I'll see a printer for sale for far less than the cost of a toner cartridge.


well i recently received a powermac 7500 salagedfrom a dumpster. After a close inspection it looks in absolutely great condition, after pluging it in and turning the on button, i heard the all too familiar beep and thats as far as i get to go. Unfortuenty i have no video adapter and so i cant really use a monitor, and my keyboard and mouse are away at a different house. So, with this in mind it looks like a good find, and i may use it for 9.1 or maybe yellowdog linux and set it up as a folding box. On that note i have been tinkering with my old clamshell and am trying to load some yellow dog onto that as well. Unfortunetly i am having some major problems with the iso files and getting them onto CDs, using my main rig (windoze) i burned the isos, but the ibook wouldnt read em, so i burned the iso file to a cd-rw and threw it into my dual USB to burn it on there, after copying the file to my harddrive and seetting thing up to burn, things finnaly were looking up, i started burning the iso to a blank CDR and bang, i got an error while burning. I blame it on the iso, so i try and coppy it onto the CDR again, no luck... eh well, i'm redownloading the iso onto the mac, hopefully things will be better tommorow... i hope

check eBay weekly for individual clear prototype listings

I'll be gone on vacation for the entire month of July... so there won't be anything for sale for a while.


Switching blog hosts.

Due to some language restrictions, and some features lacking that I might take iniative to code in later if I lurn Drupal or whatever, I'm moving to the mainstream LiveJournal, at least for a while. I'd like to eventually build and hot my own out of my basement. Anywho, look forward to seeing you there.

Tomorrow is Friday!

I was the judge for the shotput event at a junior high track meet today. It was fun, but when I realised I had fun being a judge, I came to the realization that I need a life. Nothing else today struck me as interesting.

A Button my pants just broke off

because things like that happen.

Overall, I'd have to say that today wasn't that bad. I've been kicking it old skool and listening to CDs down here in the basement, and I forgot how amazing Green Island is, I mean, that's a ska band that has it down PERFECT. Today I listened to Rage Against The Machine, TDW- Come Down and Viva Nueva by rusticos. Wild. I'm looking forward to this weekend, a nice long one, a well deserved break after this long hard time I've been at school.

I'm happy because I ate potato Salad!

Which I like. However, I'm still feeling kinda glum because I don't know whay. Maybe I still feel like people don't really take me seriously, and think I'm kind of a joke. I know I'm probably wrong, but I have that lurking feeling sometimes. That, and I don't feel good about accusing my friends about stupid things like that.

Getting started on my Blog :)

I'm just getting started. I'm a long time reader, infrequent poster of AF. Loving the new content engine!

My shitty day **emo time!**

I know that this will evict a good deal of angry commentia from my friends (all of which are the best on earth, and I could never ask for better), but I'm going to go on and on about why I should be ptied because my life sucks.

Vacation is still technically going on, but...

...For most of us, it's pretty much over. In half an hour it will be 12, thusly, I'll have 12 hours of vacation left. Most of that I'll spend asleep, but for my waking hours, I've got homework to worry about. The Great gatsby is out of the way, and it diodn't suck TOO much, and the jazz album I had to listen to got taken care of a while ago, but I have a 6 page long science essay to do, which blows total chunckage. Munsen did his paper on the same thing (ergotism - it was something that was and is a natural precursor to LSD. DON'T DO IT! there are no resources on it!) in like an hour, which is good. Mrs. G is a science teacher, not an english teacher, so hopefully that'll do me some good.

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