Sundays I hate, but food, I love

Easter! My aunt and uncle came up who I never see, along with my grandmother, and we all went to some fantsy pantsy buffet where I gorged myself, and felt sick. Now I'm back here after a nap, looking at homework galore. Not really, actually. I ahve to do some silly little 3 point outling for science, MEH notes (last set everrrr!) and I ought to study for the math test I have tomorrow, seeing as I'd like to make honor roll for the entire year (first three quarters have been damn fine), and I find that doing well on tests does a lot to help one's grades.

The Infamous Zorak Opening new Blog page!

Welcome to the newest Blog site brought to you by the Infamous Zorak!

I've had a few other blog sites, but none that have ever been dedicated to my computer collection. On this page you will find information about my vintage computer collection, as well as updates and upgrades on my projects involving my personal machines. I may also include information involving my array of servers that may be going online soon.

It's really nice outside!

Wow, it is a really beautiful day out. I even got to eat lunch outside for the first time in a while, which is always a plus. It's such a drag to have to sit inside that school place which is packed with noisy people. I'd rahter sit outside with a few good friends and enjoy the pleasant weather. Which I did!

What a lovely day!

It is really nice out today. So nice that I think I'll go out after dinner to a nice little spot in my woods where I have a hammock and I enjoy spending time. It's a little prayer garden of sorts, and it's a nice place to spend time. Thats one of the things I like about summer, me wasting time walking around in the woods, reading, meditating, walking, what have you. Nature is a wonderful thing.

Day 2! and Me.

Well, here I am again. Nothing really eventful happened today at school, except b dex gave me a CD which is pretty all right, as far as rockabilly goes (I like it). That, and there was another health guest speaker in health today, who told us about the horrors and laws of underage drinking. Blah blah, I'm not going to drink, smoke, do drugs or anything like that EVER. Seriously. I choose not to &*^% myself up in order to "feel good" or "have a good time" or worst of all "fit in". That's just stupid. I hate it when people get mad at me or being straightedge-ish. It's a personal choice, and a pretty good one at that.

Uh, ok?

Well, in order to be a cool kid like everybody else, I have a blog. Mind you, I didn't go out of my way to do this. I was already registered at Applefritter, and one of the neato features was a blog. So here mine is. Or at least until I get my POS server running, hosting my POS website, with an equally shitty blog.

black stripe needs a job...

...but what? i'm thinking along the lines of home automation--x-10 remote modules, using the pBook 170 as the brains of the outfit. i know that you can run x-10s off of system 7, but is it even really feasible? i'll take my question to the forums once i get the gumption to do it.

iMac goodness and other fun stuff.

Last weekend I was at ole S.E. and found an iMac that everyone claimed was "dead". Unabashed by the claims made by everyone there and lured by the $10 "get it off our pallets, please" price (actually they like Macs there, they sell for a better price...) I took it home.

Genius Bar

What the heck is a Genius Bar!? :?
-Crosby Mac OS


Finally I got my hands on a Laserwriter IIg motherboard. This thing is so much more useful than the old IINT board I had in there before, and I haven't even dug up my Ethernet transceiver yet.

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