Anybody have Graphics Master

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I've been wanting to create custom graphics to use in other 8-bit programs
It appears that I can do it with Graphics Master.
Does anyone happen to have Graphics Master?
I would like to have it as a disk image to play on my emulator.

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Re: Anybody have Graphics Master

Do you mean The Graphics Magician? (by Penguin/Polarware Software)


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Re: Anybody have Graphics Master

No, I mean Graphics Master. It's made by ShareData
Here's a description from Eli's software encyclopedia:
Create free form graphics for pleasure or business.
Design newsletters, cards and cartoons.
Add illustrations to correspondence, business reports or presentations.
Customize your own typestyle.
Graphics Master- the only tool you'll ever need to create professional graphics.
Graphics Master lets you add pizzazz to any presentation, from reports and documents to announcements and newsletters. It's sophisticated, yet simple to use. With Graphics Master you can:
Create custom graphics and character sets.
Access over 100 fill/background patterns on the Apple.
Copy, flip, erase.
Mirror, magnify, print.
Graphics Master can be used with your keyboard, mouse, joystick or graphics tablet.