Apple 1 NTI 22u Capacitor

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I am trying to locate a 22u NTI cap for the Apple 1, the one with a clear greenish covering and red lettering.

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Re: Apple 1 NTI 22u Capacitor

Looks like a Siemens logo. See:

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Re: Apple 1 NTI 22u Capacitor

HI I have been looking for the last 6 months and have located nothing. I have found some yellow colored caps with red writing, but this one has eluded me since i commenced my Apple 1 project.

I have always thought they were made by Sprague or Siemens.

But the previous post would suggest almost 100% it is Siemens.

I'm sure someone has NOS lying around, but I have not been fortunate in locating these capacitors so far.

What have other NTI board builders used?

This is the closest i have seen so far, but they look too large and no longer available.

Cheers, Martin...

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Re: Apple 1 NTI 22u Capacitor

This is a typical filter cap. Are looking for true originally from 30 years ago? If so, then you have to hunt for NOS. Trying finding an old Lambda linear (non-switcher) power supply and rip it apart for a used cap.

If you are willing to put aside originality then buy any axial cap that meet the minimum value of 22mf and 25V. You can use a higher voltage cap but the size will increase. Do not use a lower voltage because you risk dielectric breakdown. This is a filter cap, so you can even go higher in value 25mf, 50mf but again size will become a problem.

Check out eBay item number 161051160759.