Apple //c+ with CDROM drive added in!

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Re: Apple //c+ with CDROM drive added in!


That unit belongs to Jeff Mazur (Atlas-Dad).
Creator of the CDrive.
He's had his IIc+ Prototype Unit listed for a while now.

Wish I could afford $4500.00 for it. lol

Steven Smile


Steven (gsmcten)

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Re: Apple //c+ with CDROM drive added in!

I know this is a prototype, but shouldn't this thread be in the "This is laughable' category. Well, maybe not, I was stupid enough to spend more than 2 grand on a game once, and then find out it pretty much didn't work...


Tom Porter

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Re: Apple //c+ with CDROM drive added in!

Rather more this should turnout to become a Thread of:
"misunderstanding and typo errors"
the IIc contains NOT a CDROM drive
but instead a Cdrive - which in fact is a IDE-harddisk drive for the IIc !


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Re: Apple //c+ with CDROM drive added in!

The greater misunderstanding the higher the price...