Apple //c Scribe printer any good?

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I'm looking to complete my //c with a printer. I've been on the look out for an Imagewriter II but they are very hard to come by in The Netherlands. Somebody is offering an Apple //c Scribe printer in the box with additional ribbons and some thermal paper. Is this printer any good I should I wait for an Imagewriter (II)? Does this Scribe printer make the noise a Dot Matrix Printer does? (I love that sound).

Your advise is much appreciated.


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Re: Apple //c Scribe printer any good?

Can one print a test page on this printer w/o connecting it to an Apple computer?

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Re: Apple //c Scribe printer any good?

As a thermal-transfer printer, the Scribe probably does not make a loud noise like the ImageWriter does. Its test mode is probably engaged the same way as on the ImageWriter II.

I found a review of the Scribe printer from 1984:

The May issue of BYTE talks about the new addition to the Apple line:
The Apple IIc. In addition, on page 282, they mention a new printer
called The Scribe. The Scribe is a plain-paper thermal transfer printer
with color capabilities (no price announced but expected to be in the $300
range) The Scribe, it is said, will print on virtually any paper surface
and projection transparencies. It is designed as a printer for the
entire product line including Mac's and Lisa's.
The BYTE article
goes on to say that output appeared to exceed the Imagewriter in quality.
It operates at 80cps (draft mode) or 50cps (letter mode)
Dot resolution is 160 horizontal x 144 vertical per inch or 23040 dots/sq in.
Color printing is done by a color ribbon with a spectrum of colors arranged
in bands on the ribbon. About $5 for a 80,000 character black ribbon and
about $8 for color. Any estimates on how much text is 80,000 chars?
The printhead is a proprietary device that consists of 24 resistance elements
that are arranged in a vertical column. While printing, the head is
pressed against a polyester ribbon with carbon filled paraffin ink on it.
The resistance elements are pulsed briefly, heating them and melt the
ink to deposit it on the paper. The temperature range of the resistance
element goes from 300 degrees F to 95 degrees F in several microseconds.


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Re: Apple //c Scribe printer any good?

Thank you Dog Cow. The printer comes with some unopened color ribbons. If it actually prints then I will buy it. It's almost brand new and still in the box. Thank you for your help.

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Re: Apple //c Scribe printer any good?

Hi! I know it's been more than a year, but have you bought the Scribe? I have one too, but does not print with my Iic, and I do not have a manual so do not know what's wrong.