Apple //c z-80c / Softcard

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How rare are these?

I stumbled on some information a week or so ago about a Centech z80 card for the //c, but since then can't find anything.

Do such cards come up for sale regularly anywhere, or are they mostly unobtanium? I know there's also an Applied Engineering one.


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Re: Apple //c z-80c / Softcard

Steven (gsmcten)

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Re: Apple //c z-80c / Softcard

I've seen the first link, but had not seen the second.

I would love to get my hands on one, but I think for the //c they're not nearly as common as for 2e.

I also found this:

but I would never know how to go about producing that part with the raw schematic.

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Re: Apple //c z-80c / Softcard

Given the rarity of Z80 boards for //c finding
them will be hard enough as well as price.

There is a guy in Korea who currently designs boards and alike for
the ][ series who I would contact.

He has recently had a Mockingboard Clone for the //c.
Here is ebay link.

I would ask him to make you z80 board for the //c.
He is currently make Z80 cards for the ][, ][+, ][e and //gs (with blinding
speeds apparently). So I don't think a //c is that much of a stretch.