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Hey guys,

This is a tough one, but here goes.

I wrote many software programs (graphic utilities and adventure games mostly) for Apple II+ when I was a kid, almost had one mass produced, but decided to ride my bike outside instead of "documenting" when asked to do so! Smile

Anyway, my folks donated/sold our original system around 1998 in the Atlanta GA area.

In a perfect world, I would find the exact computer and see about getting it back (software included). This is a pipe dream of course.

However, if the system remained together throughout the years, several things make this setup unique:
a) Dual DISK drives (side by side), but NOT apple branded, no-name-brand instead - I cannot find ANY picture of this unit on the internet to show you and don't remember the brand.
b) Software labels with my "hand-writing" on it - I would recognize them immediately if I saw it!

Two questions for the group:
1. Anyone recognize this odd-ball DISK drive unit and possibly have it?
2. Is there ANY resource out there that may help me track down the software I am looking for? Image repository of "Apple II" software hand-written labels?

This is a stretch given how big the world is, but thought I would ask.


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Re: Apple II+ My Apple/Software


My friend, you are going to have to ask yourself some hard questions:

1. Just how long ago was this (this meaning when you were a kid and wrote these programs)?
2. Your parents donated/sold it 20 years ago to whom?
3. Do you think the person your parents sold it to is still alive (do they remember his name)?
4. Do you think the unit may still be in the Atlanta area?
5. Just how crazy do you want to drive yourself?
and last, but not least,
6. Are you prone to "Tilting at Windmills"?

As for the duel-disk drive, I have actually seen one of these,
but I also do not remember the Manufacturers Name. I believe
that it may have been on eBay at one time.

A Repository for Home Made Software with hand written labels?
That's (as you say) quite a stretch.

I really do hope that you are able to find all of this
if it will give you some sort of peace of mind.



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Re: Apple II+ My Apple/Software

This is gonna be hella longshot. But it'll make for a good story if you recover it!

I'm sitting on a IIgs I once promised I'd return in the future, but so far no claims and no way to contact the original seller. Only hope is some long archived emails which I'm not prepared to pull out at this time.


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Re: Apple II+ My Apple/Software

whynotpizza wrote:

2. Is there ANY resource out there that may help me track down the software I am looking for? Image repository of "Apple II" software hand-written labels?

If you remember any of the file names on your disks, then you can search for them here at the Apple II search engine.


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Re: Apple II+ My Apple/Software

Thanks guys, best to focus on getting the hardware up and running I suppose, and possible re-write some of the programs from memory (not!)

Sure would have been pretty cool if there was a database of floppy "labels" to try and track down original owners. A pipe dream for sure!

OK ... back to getting this hardware working again...