Apple II sales (help support my college tuition) visit Currently we have IIc Plus setup, IIgs Rom +more

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I'm a young apple II enthusiast making my way in college. Please help support my endeavor for my tuition (since our government doesn't give an iota for education anymore, go USA!) and visit to view out refurbished apple II products. Soon we will have many rare II items for sale as well as other computer such as a Apple III. and remember We have many other vintage items for sale. Our name comes from Retro Mid-century Modern Wave!

Currently we have a nice IIc Plus setup for sale, IIgs rom 3 in great condition, IIgs WOZ ed. in great condition, IIgs rom 1 in great condition, and much more. Soon we will have a Apple III for sale. Also I will have 4 Macintosh Hard Disk 20 for sale (not sc)!

and remember...

Thank you,
Your starving Computer Science College Student.