Apple II & telnet

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Does anybody know of any good telnet clients for the Apple ][? I'd really like to get a BBS running on there.

If not, is there any way I could make my Uthernet II card emulate a modem?


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Re: Apple II & telnet


This is what came up when I did a search.

I hope it helps.

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Re: Apple II & telnet

You could use a Lantronix XPort or ESP8266 with appropriate level shifters... Both support AT commandset, so you can do ATD192.168.0.1:23 to connect to an IP, and +++ATH to disconnect. Each one needs a tiny bit of setup to make it act mostly like a modem. The Lantronix has a webpage for config you can access from a PC, but once that is done you can treat it like a modem. I think the ESP8266 would need a little bit more config to behave like a telnet connection.