Apple II/II+ Power Lights...

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I have the Apple II registry up and running and ran into some different power light configurations, and wanted to ask the community.

One of my "flush" power light machines has no "power" embossed or printed on it. I thought maybe someone cleaned it off years ago, but I see no trace of it. I noticed another II+ on eBay with the same "issue". (

Is this just a variant? It appears so. The keyboard is definately not after-market, as far as I can tell.



Peter Rittwage
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Re: Apple II/II+ Power Lights...

Hello Peter,

I'm also the owner of an Apple II+ that has a blank power light.
I have seen a couple on eBay.
Definitely, the "Power" was never printed on these light caps.

I have no clue about it.


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Re: Apple II/II+ Power Lights...

Its likely been cleaned off. Isopropyl alcohol will remove all traces of the printing on the square caps.

Learned that one the hard way a long time ago.
HERE's what one looks like mostly wiped off.

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Re: Apple II/II+ Power Lights...

Yes, the printing comes off the light pretty easily, I've seen a lot that were blank, but I've got a couple that have the printing in the process of coming off (so my childhood II+ says something like "?C" on it now, when it used to say "POWER", for example). I never actually tried to figure out what stress it's under, maybe I rested my hand on it or something. But I think the "printing came off" explanation is probably the right one.