Apple Lisa II (2) for sale

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Good Evening,

Firstly I am a new user to this forum, and I know something about modern computers and very little about older computers.

My Girlfriends father is a Lawyer and in 1984 purchased a Lisa 2 Apple. It was upgraded a year or 2 later and then several years thereafter was put away, quite safely.

I have been asked to liquidate it. I have the original bill of sale and of course the user manual and computer. It has not been cleaned and was stored in a closet with a anti-static cover for the last 23 years. I have connected the various parts and it turns on. It is in pristine condition - for whatever that means.

I have attempted research and I find quite a few things effect the value, and also the subject of interpreting what is on screen into facts about the computer also elude me, and I am so under-qualified to use the computer and to seek information on it that I am seeking the assistance of someone on this forum to help me understand what I have, and what it's value is, and to this end some financial compensation should be given to that person.

I have attached a photo as a starting point, and I have many photos, but was seriously hoping to have someone private message me who can have me sit down with the computer and with them on the phone or skype to guide me on seeing if it truly works and what memory it has, etc.

My name is Aaron, and I am located in Charleston, West Virginia. Please contact me as I need your assistance.

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West Virginia

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Re: Apple Lisa II (2) for sale

don't sell it

keep it,
set it up in de living room
the profile on top of the lisa,
place 2 small kegs under the feets at the back of the profile, so the profile sits horizontal

connect all parts,

use it from time to time


my apple collection