Apple Macintosh 128/512k RAM & SCSI Upgrade KIT

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Hi friends,

due a downgrade of one of my 512K compact MACs this neat & very rare Mac Rescue SCSI/RAM Upgrade KIT is ready for trade. I love my compacts in original condition (no matter how 'unusable' they are without such modifications).

This KIT is in good and working condition. I think that RAM was about 4MB? At least something over 1MB Wink

I don't really know what price to set on this KIT - €150? this is just what came first into my mind.
For me, it would make me more happy to just trade it for other good old Macintosh stuff.

Just sold/trade as-is, no warranty, no refund or something. It's only the Mac Rescue KIT with SCSI cable, that Mac Motherboard seen on the pictures is just for demonstration purposes.

Hereby I'm still looking for: ...
- internal 400K floppy drive
- external Apple HD20 (not the 20SC!)

Shipping around the globe is normally no problem for me as long you pay for it. The Location is southern Germany, near Stuttgart.

IMG_20171213_234123332.jpg.a436f320653a570a5b743edf80bab01d.jpg1.72 MB
IMG_20171213_234131825.jpg.bb39dd35a639c706197eace6d87d727a.jpg1.96 MB
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