Bit 3 Computer Full-View 80 Column Card

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Hey all, trying to find some instructions/manual for the Full-View 80 card by Bit 3 Computer Corp.

I've found some references online to the card but cannot find anything to help me use it.

Some of the standard Sup 'R' Terminal and Video/Ultra Term commands work (Ctrl-A lowercase toggle, some ESC and CTRL key commands)
I cannot find anything about how to switch to the various character sets.

Any help would be appreciated. Card came inside a II+ I recently got along with a MS Softcard and a couple other cards.
I have tons of 80 Column Cards but like to play with everything and test thoroughly before I move it out the door (or keep it if it strikes my fancy like the Ultraterm card I got...never had one, Love it!)


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Re: Bit 3 Computer Full-View 80 Column Card


That's different!

I have never seen the card nor heard of the company.

I learn something new every day!

Steven Smile


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