Byte Shops!

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I was wondering if anyone had any photos or other ephemera from the old Byte Shop chain.

I had a friend who was studying computers back in the late 1970's, and when a Byte Shop computer opened in my home town he literally dragged me there even though I had no interest whatsoever.

Once I got inside however, I was instantly hooked on the Apple II's - and managed to wrangle enough funds to buy an early Apple II (not plus) for around $1600.00 which came with a whooping 16k of RAM, no floppy drives, no modem, etc. I remember being so incredibly thankful when I managed to get a disk drive!!

I have very found memories of this shops, and just recently learned that the owner had passed away about 8 years ago.

So was wondering if any of you had any similar fond memories of how you found/bought your first Apple II and also if anyone had any memorabilia for the chain...

I've searched online for quite awhile, and cannot find much in the way of photos except for the first store they had in Mountain View, California.



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Re: Byte Shops!

A few months back I ran across a card from one of their sales people. Don't know where I put it though.
I recall talking with some of their people about computers and about security issues in their store.
There should also be some Byte shop ads in some of the older ApplesBC newsletters I have.