DISPOSED OF: Mac OS9 Software, Adobe PageMill 3, Virtual PC 3, Toast Deluxe 4

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Nobody nibbled on this so I recycled the paper and trashed the disks.
Watch this space for more time limited sales like this one.

For Sale: Mac OS 9 Compatible Software
All prices include free shipping within the USA.
I will ship outside the USA for an additional $18.00.
This ad expires on July 25, at 10:00AM PST.

-Adobe Page Mill 3.0 (1999), disk only $5

-Virtual PC 3.0 (1999) CD, manual, & registration #, with full install disk of Windows98 (installation cert.#, CD & floppy) $10

-Toast 4 Deluxe (2000) CD, manual, and product/serial/TSID unique numbers, $8

Buy all three and I’ll knock $5 off the cost.
Private message me to seal the deal.