Epson APL card Cable Replacement

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Hello Fritter Critters,

the Epson APL printer interface card has been a quite popular
card sold all over the world. Even nowadays the cards have survived
time and a lot of them are present in various dungeons....

Unfortunatly often the printercable for that card is missing
and the card isn´t used due to the missing cable.

The chart below should help solve this problem.
It displays the parts and the connections of the cable.

So just enjoy.....

if you have problems viewing the details pickup the pdf-file:



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Re: Epson APL card Cable Replacement

Wow! That's all I can say. Awesome work!!



Long time Apple fan girl Smile

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Re: Epson APL card Cable Replacement

I have a couple of these Cards, ( including a manual ), but only one Cable.

Thanks SpeedyG for documenting this, so now I don't have to Reverse Engineer my cable... Wink

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