FS:256k RAM Memory Expansion Pack for 1Mb Apple II Memory Expansion Boards, fully tested

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I have a couple of sets (8 pieces per set) of RAM IC's used to populate the Apple ][ 1Mb RAM expansion boards from Apple Computer. These are fully tested and shipped in antistatic foam and envelope. These are in the original packaging (box, foam, and instructions note sheet) for $10/set.

If you just want the RAM, no packaging, I'll sell you a set for $5, also tested and in the antistatic packaging. Shipping is not included, and is from the USA. I greatly prefer to sell to AppleFritter users directly, and to avoid Ebay, but if I don't get any responses to this or the previous ad in a couple of weeks or so, I'll probably post them there. People do seem to pay the premium prices for things "in the box."