The Giants

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Eli Whitney, Henry Ford, ... Steve Jobs?

Does he deserve it, and whether he deserves it or not, will he get the crown anyway?

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Re: The Giants

SJ is more in the Walt Disney (made it big on the work of Ubbe Iwerks), Howard Hugh's dad (patented the rotary grinding deep drill head that someone else invented) camp. A visionary who used other peoples talents and leveraged them. That's a talent, but not inventive like Whitney, closer to Ford. SJ didn't invent the Apple I, or II. He didn't invent the MP3 player, the cell phone, or the tablet computer. A giant? Sure. He really figured out how to leverage situations on an industrial scale. He got the crown as soon as he and Wozniak signed the deal to make Apple a public company.

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Re: The Giants

hmmm, I would have said he deserved it, and has a big enough fan base, but ..