IIGS Custom Chips

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If anyone has any broken/spare not used IIGS motherboards,
would you have any of the following IC's:

344S0046 VGC (Video Graphics Controller)
344S0066 CYA (Control Your Apple)
344S0050 FPI (Fast Processor Interface)
344S0049 (Slot Maker)
344S0048 (ADB GLU)legacy Keyboard/ADB Multiplexer General Logic Unit
344S0040 RTC (Real Time Clock)
344S0052 SGLU (Sound General Logic Unit)
344S0047 Mega II(Apple II Logic Core Controller)

The goal is to decapp the chips,
a die photo and then make a schematic from
the photo.

The results will be put on a website (project5474.org)
to use, study etc and gain more information
about the Apple IIGS.

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Re: IIGS Custom Chips

I'd assume that any decapping project with the resources to do it right and to do all those chips would simply go buy a IIgs board or rig. You can get started faster as opposed to waiting for a donation.


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Re: IIGS Custom Chips

The mega ii, vgc, fpu and cya should already be on the way.

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Re: IIGS Custom Chips


What is the stage you are at of these chips?