Imagewriter II worked until we took it apart to clean it

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This is the 15 lb. version. My friend and I had to take apart some in order to remove a build-up of labels from the platform underneath the platen. We must not have put it back together correctly, because there is only a very very faint impression made when it types now (when I run the diagnostic test and when I send a label job from the computer). I'll disassemble it again in a day or two, but I wondered if I could crowd-source some wisdom first.

We are pretty sure the ribbon is in right (and it is brand new one). We found the lever on the right that adjusts how close the type-head is to the platen, and it is as close as it will go. Does anyone know of any tricks with that printer or diagrams/videos showing how it should go together?



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Re: Imagewriter II worked until we took it apart to clean it

I sent you a private message. I might be able to help.


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