LOGIC: Toronto user group/BBS Apple II disk library now on Internet Archive

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LOGIC ("Loyal Ontario Group Interested in Computers") was a Toronto-based Apple user group and BBS that ran from the early 1980s to January 2017. I got given their disk collection when I picked up an Apple IIe and a IIgs from the group's former librarian. After a little asking around, I got most of the disk images on CD from another former member. The rest I've filled in from the physical disks and ADTPro.

The main Internet Archive search page for the disks is creator:"LOGIC (“Loyal Ontario Group Interested In Computers”)", currently returns 487 images. There's some metadata to help you find items, so you could look for:

  • [url=https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A%22LOGIC%20(%E2%80%9CLoyal%20Ontario%20Group%20Interested%20In%20Computers%E2%80%9D)%22%20subject%3A%22DOS%203.3%22]DOS 3.3[/url]
  • ProDOS8
  • [url=https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A%22LOGIC+%28%E2%80%9CLoyal+Ontario+Group+Interested+In+Computers%E2%80%9D%29%22&&and[]=subject%3A%22AppleWorks%22]AppleWorks[/url]
  • EAMON adventures
  • Print Shop graphics
  • Pascal
  • Forth, Logo, …
I've still got the Apple IIgs images to manually transfer from 3½" floppy. While it's a smaller collection than the 5¼" one, it's still around 80 disks.

Many thanks to John Lee (for the computers and disks), Derek Tsang (former sysop, [url=https://web.archive.org/web/*/logicbbs.org]logicbbs.org[/url]), Ross Wright (disk image CD), Terence J. Boldt (who apparently did the physical floppy transfer) and Jason “textfiles” Scott for the encouragement and technical assistance.