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I have a Macintosh IIvx and I want to sell it but Im not sure how much I should put it up for on eBay The IIvx won't boot unless its started in safe mode because it just hangs at the Mac OS startup screen, the metal cover around the computer is a little loose even when tightened and it doesn't have a CD Drive but has a cover in its place. What would be a fair price to put it up for on eBay?

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Re: Mac IIvx


Your best bet is to go up on eBay, go into the Computers and Networking Section, then plug in Macintosh IIvx (or just IIvx), and see what pops up, and what the average prices are. You can also see what other Mac II systems comparible to yours are going for( or trying to be auctioned for).


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