Mac or Mac II Classic Question.

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Not sure if this is the correct forum or not , if not , I appologize in advance.... I am looking for an older Mac Classic , this model was the one that would like a user install a emulator card in the back to allow the user to boot up 5 1/4 Apple II floppies? The Apple Card ? Not sure of it's actual name . I know the one that I had at one time was a Classic or Mac Classic II . I was able to plug in a Disk ][ to the back on the unit , bootup a small floppy for the mac that had the Apple II emulator program on it , and from that point on was able to PR# the drive and run Apple II programs on it .

If you guys could point me into the right direction on what to look for that would be awesome . ALSO the Emulator program that I had on one of the original small floppy disks for the mac went bad on me Shock( Hope fully someone can get me one?

Thanks again guys...



Long Live The Apple ][

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Re: Mac or Mac II Classic Question.

Hello Patrick

The card is Apple IIe Card (Apple Computer part #820-0444-A) -