mmmkay, this ... is interesting.

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Never heard of this accelerator... (nope, not mine. personally I am a bit skeptical and frankly rather suspicious of it.)

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Re: mmmkay, this ... is interesting.


I checked it out.
It looks legit to me.
First one I've seen too.


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Re: mmmkay, this ... is interesting.

This is legit.


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Re: mmmkay, this ... is interesting.

Wow! Cool card! I remember a friend of mine designed a board for me , for my II+ , that when I would bootup the Apple II+ I would have instant DOS 3.3 in memory! The roms on this board contained all the file information for DOS 3.3! Didn't need any Diskette or anything! I just wish I didn't get rid of all the hardware and software I had years ago Shock( Sucks when that happends!



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