Paint color for original Mac?

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I'm not having much luck asking the question accurately, but I am trying to find the exact name of the color of the original 128k Mac. Was it based off a standard? Pantone?

Is there an equivalent available at retail? Preferably spray paint?

Disclaimer: just curious, not painting any old computers Smile


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Re: Paint color for original Mac?

Most sources say Pantone 453

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Re: Paint color for original Mac?

I have found this!

128k, 512k, and Apple II through revision A //e should all be Pantone 453.

Which Pantone 453, I couldn't say. If I had to guess, 453U for painted plastics (such as the early Apple IIs), and PQ-453U for the machines with colored plastics (early Macintosh, revision B //e.)

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