Peripheral card info help

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Got me an MPC Peripherals Corp Apple ][ Memory Module. Problem is I have not a clue what the switch on end of card is for (exactly like the switch on the Apple ][ rom card)
Could not find any documentation online so thought perhaps someone here could help?

If pictures needed I can do that just no access to take and post them right now. Could post photo later this morning/afternoon if needed.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

IMG_0298.jpg1.68 MB
IMG_0299.jpg1.14 MB
IMG_0300.JPG1.67 MB
IMG_0301.JPG1.61 MB
IMG_0303.JPG1.65 MB
IMG_0304.JPG1.7 MB
IMG_0305.JPG2.04 MB

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Re: Peripheral card info help


A picture would help.

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Re: Peripheral card info help

Ask and ye shall receive! Photos added to original post.

It is obviously meant for Slot 0 and plugged into the same ram socket as a language card, but I have no details on it.

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Re: Peripheral card info help

though i also have no documantation to the card just some guesses and statements:
the card has 2 banks of 16 kB chips so it´s a kind of "double" language card....
it looks very much that it was designed to have 2 independent 16 banks availiable above the 48 kB
and adding the socket for the F8 Autostart ROM as EPROM.
I´d guess it´s possible to load in first switch position either Applesoft or Integer to the card and then after switching it might permit to load the alternating Software to the second bank and then switch between that both
options while the LEDs will indicate the current status. You schould give it a try.... and find out if that verifies...


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