Powermac 7100 CD Drive problems?

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My 7100 (mac os 8.1) won't read CD ROMS.
I've tried CD's I've burn with my macbook as well as audio CDs. I've got nothing.
Any thoughts? I looked and the connections seem to be good- CDs seem to spin in the drive.




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Re: Powermac 7100 CD Drive problems?

Should be a pretty simple swap.

Off the top of my head, I don't remember whether the 7100 still used a SCSI CD-ROM (50 pins) or whether Apple had moved to IDE (40 pins) by that point. Open up and have a look.

I think I have one or two SCSI CD-ROM drives lying around if you need one, otherwise IDE drives are easy to find in just about any store that sells computer parts.

EDIT: A quick look in Mactracker leads me to believe the internal drives are all SCSI. Correct me if you learn otherwise after opening the case.


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Re: Powermac 7100 CD Drive problems?

Unless it's been upgraded, it should be a 2x SCSI CD drive. Had one in my 6100, and it was a bit picky when it came to burned CDs.
Could be just a dirty laser, could be the laser is degrading.
I've used instructions on adjusting pots on the original xbox laser head, but I wouldn't know if there's any tweaking options available for that old scsi drive, nor what numbers you'd aim for.


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